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A wide range of standard single- and multi-laser probe configurations is available to suit every small and large animal application, and additional laser powers, wavelengths and probe configurations are available upon request. All control units and laser probes are interchangeable, ensuring your laser system will continue to offer optimal performance even as your needs grow and change.

Zeus Control Unit Specs:

Timer: 20 (60 or 120 upon request)
Freq (Hz): Continuous Wave
Safety: Key Switch; Watchdog Timer; Remote Interlock Connector; Auto-Standby after 5 mins
Power: Rechargeable Batteries & External Plug Pack/Charger
Weight: 1.8 lbs + Probe(s) & Accessories
Warranty: 5-yr Extended Care Warranty
Package: Control Unit, Laser Probe(s)*, AC Adaptor, Operating Manual, User Guide, Treatment Chart(s) & Sample Protocols, Carry Case, 2pr Laser Eyewear.
* Laser probes sold seperately

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The people at Intriquip have always been professional and helpful in resolving our day-to-day requirements for equipment and other needs.

Dr. Murray Moffat, Transcona Veterinary Hospital, Winnipeg, MB

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