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A wide range of standard single- and multi-laser probe configurations is available to suit every small and
large animal application, and additional laser powers, wavelengths and probe configurations are available
upon request. Laser probes are interchangeable with unites, ensuring your laser system will continue to offer optimal performance even as your needs grow and change.

A variey of probes are available including:

  • Super-Pulsed P4 Multi Probe
  • General Purpose P4 Multi Probe
  • General Purpose Single-Diode Probe
  • Dental Probes
  • Special Purpose Tendon Probe

Contact us for details and full line of options.

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“Intriquip is the most reliable supplier out there, and they have a great range of products.”

Dr. Bonnie Brandt, South Country Veterinary PC Inc., Assiniboia, SK

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