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CryoProbe b+ Cryotherapy Pen

The CryoProbe was designed with an obsession for details and a touch of originality. It brings out the perfectionist in everyone : check out the selection of applicators allowing for treatment from a pinpoint 1mm up to a width of 20mm and more. From now on you’ll only treat the abnormal tissue with no more collateral damage to the healthy skin.

Cryosurgery is recognized as "the standard" in the dermatology clinic. But to any veterinarians who’ve struggled with disposable cans of freezing spray, cryoliquid spills, imprecise cotton buds and laborious deliveries of hazardous liquid nitrogen, the CryoProbe is a different proposition all together.

Smaller lesions on the face, the nose, on eyelids, on ears, legs and feet are often considered not important enough for surgery under general or local anesthetic. Freezing of tissue is much quicker, as treatment only takes seconds and no anesthesia, no preparation, and no follow-up care is required.

Kit includes:

  • 1 standard silver dot applicator
  • 1 gold dot 60mm applicator.
  • Storage case

To be used with 23.5g cartridges.

They’ve always provided excellent service and equipment to us over the years.

Dr. William Frischke, Central Veterinary Clinic, Ponoka, AB

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