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BioNet BM3Vet PRO


BM3Vet Pro

The new BM3Vet Pro boasts optional EtCO2, anesthetic gas module and a Dual Gas module, in addition to standard ECG, Respiration, NIBP and SpO2. Its 8” wide color monitor displays all the vital signs that you want in different colors. A standard built-in printer offers documentation of all measured and numeric values, as well as up to 4 waveforms. Alarms and settings are easily adjustable and are retained after turning off the power. Wi-Fi capability functionality now come standard with the BM3Vet Pro.


- ECG, SpO2, NIBP, Respiration and Temperature
- Mainstream/Sidestream EtCO2
- Mainstream/Sidestream Anesthetic Gas/O2
- Bionet Dual Gas (Optional)
- ST Level, PVC Count Real-Time Display
- 3 Kinds of Arrhythmia Analysis
- 8.0″ Color TFT Touch Screen with 4 Wave Forms
- Individual Sweep-Speed Setting for Each Parameter
- Multiple Display Modes
- Remembers Your Settings
- 168 Full Hours of Trend Data Are Stored
- USB Memory Storage
- BT-Link Pro and BT-Link Mobile for Real-Time Monitoring and Data Recording
- B2B (Bed to Bed), Up to 4 BM3Vet Pro Can Be Controlled
- External HDMI Output for Large Screen
- Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Allows Cordless Use for Up To 3 Hours
- Industry’s Longest Warranty – 4 Years


If you would like more information or a quote on one of the accessories below, please contact us with the item name or number.

Photo Item Number Description
B-CBL-N 3 lead ECG extension cable – New
B-CBL5-N 5 lead ECG extension cable – New
B-WIRE-N 3 lead ECG cable (alligator type) – New
B-WIRE5-N 5 lead ECG cable (alligator type) – New
B-SPCBL-N SpO2 extension cable
B-SPO2-R Transflectance SpO2 probe for veterinary (black)
B-SPO2-V SpO2 multi-site Y sensor
B-NBPCBL NIBP extension tube
B-CCUFF NIBP child cuff (arm circumference: 20.5~28.5 cm)
B-PCUFF NIBP pediatric cuff (arm circumference: 13.8~21.5 cm)
B-ICUFF NIBP infant cuff (arm circumference: 9~14.8 cm)
B-EPRB-XS Esophageal probe with 3-lead ECG and temperature, extra small size (L:45mm, D:6mm)
B-EPRB-M Esophageal probe with 3-lead ECG and temperature, medium size (L:70mm, D:8mm)
TEM-PRV-R Temperature probe (Esophageal/Rectal Type)
TRANS Power transformer (DC adaptor, output: +18V, 2.8A)
PC-A (V) Power cable
BM-BAT-6 BM7Vet main rechargeable battery
(Li-ion, 10.8V, 4800mAh), 3 cell, 1 line
B-NCUFF-SET NIBP neonate cuffs, Set of 5 (1 of each, #1 - #5)
B-NCUFF1 NIBP neonate cuff #1
B-NCUFF2 NIBP neonate cuff #2
B-NCUFF3 NIBP neonate cuff #3
B-NCUFF4 NIBP neonate cuff #4
B-NCUFF5 NIBP neonate cuff #5
B-RMCO2 CAPNOSTAT 5 mainstream CO2 sensor (includes one of each single use airway adapter, items 6063-00 and 6312-00)
B-RSCO2-V LoFlo sidestream CO2 sensor (includes one of each airway adapter, items 3473-ADU-00 and 3473INF-00)
6063-00 Single patient use adult airway adapter: ET tube > 4 mm
6312-00 Single patient use neonatal airway adapter: ET tube ≤ 4 mm
3473ADU-00 Airway adapter kit with dehumidification, up to 120 hours – adult/pediatric: ET tube > 4 mm
3473INF-00 Airway adapter Kit with dehumidification, up to 120 hours – infant/neonate: ET tube ≤ 4 mm
3475-00 Sampling line with male Luer adapter
BM-CART-H BM series rolling cart with cable hanger (90-day warranty)


Bionet BM3vet PRO Brochure



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