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Veterinary X Ray Equipment

Intriquip is the leader for Veterinary xray equipment supplies in Western Canada’s. Our comprehensive suite of x ray generators, x ray tables and image acquisition systems range from portable x rays to full 4-way float high-frequency table systems operating on HV or stored energy. We also offer veterinary dental xray systems for your clinic.


Our Uveo brand x ray systems for small, mixed and large animal practices have all the cutting-edge features to keep you ahead of the game. These high end xray systems are customized for your specific needs. When you work with Uveo you can expect attentive customer care, training and support from our knowledgeable team, plus expert repair and maintenance services to preserve the value of your investment.


As a leader  in digital x ray veterinary equipment we can help you find what you are looking for. We offer a wide selection of vet x ray equipment as well as customizable x ray solutions for your practice.

  • Small animal x ray
  • Mixed animal x ray
  • Large animal x ray
  • Veterinary digital x ray
  • Equine x ray
  • Portable x ray
  • Veterinary x ray tables
  • Veterinary dental x ray
  • Veterinary x ray table
  • X ray accessories
  • X ray protective equipment
  • X ray protective apparel
  • X ray safety equipment



used equipment

We are very pleased with the final outcome. We are particularly happy with the personal approach possible with a smaller, family run company.

Dr. Janet Jones, Jasper Veterinary Clinic, Jasper, AB

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