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Veterinary Patient Warming

The ChillBuster® Vet Surgical System is a safe temperature controlled and stabilized source of warmth for pre-surgical, surgical and post-surgical care of animals. Intriquip offers surgical warming blankets, warming cage pads and disposable covers to keep the surgical and recovery areas free of contamination.



Portable: Comes with a small, hand-held controller which can easily be hooked onto the surgery table or cage door.

Clean: Non-permeable disposable covers keep the blanket and cage pad contamination free and provide for easy cleanup. 

Safe: The vet warming system contains Department of Defense cleared technology for safe, stable and reliable patient warming.

Power: Power to the blanket and pad is low voltage, preventing accidental shock injury risk.

Warming pads vs blankets


used equipment

Over the last 6 years that I have dealt with Intriquip they have not only met my expectations, they have exceeded them.

Dr. Dale McKague, PetVet, Steinbach, MB

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