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Mixed Practice X Rays

Whether you choose the Uveo 3500 of 3800 Equine, you get advanced digital X-ray technology you can rely on and the flexibility you need to provide exceptional care for patients of all sizes. We are proud to offer packages for veterinary CR digital x-ray and veterinary DR x-ray.


Metron Imaging Software (included with all Uveo Xray Models): Enjoy crisp imaging and powerful diagnostic aids synonymous with the Metron name.


Mixed animal xray options: 

  • Companion Animal Options: Select effective and easy-to-use tools designed specifically for soft tissue and skeletal imaging in small companion animals.
  • Equine Options: Diagnose equine hoof and foot joints and facilitate a wide range of equine skeletal applications from health maintenance to preventative exams.
  • Guided Mark-Up: Improve diagnostic capabilities with convenient automatic measurement and comparison features for small and large animals.



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“Intriquip is the most reliable supplier out there, and they have a great range of products.”

Dr. Bonnie Brandt, South Country Veterinary PC Inc., Assiniboia, SK

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