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Bionet Multi-Parameter touch screen veterinary monitors

Bionet manufactures high quality veterinary monitors and oximeters. They design innovative and affordable products to make patient care quicker and easier. Their equipment allows veterinarians to provide the best care while utilizing the most current technology.

Bionet multi-parameter touch screen monitors come with the full software suite (no need to send away for updates if you add new items). Having the full software suite ensures no expensive updates and no down time. 

The NEW Bionet Pro Series, which includes the BM3Vet Pro, BM5Vet Pro and BM7Vet Pro, offer versatility, reliability and premium quality without compromise. Upgrades and new features from previous models include full WiFi capability, proprietary Bed2Bed telemetry, and USB memory storage. With the industries longest warranty of 4 years, you can feel confident knowing you are covered. We also carry the Bionet Oxy9Wave Vet, a portable color display veterinary pulse oximeter.

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We are very pleased with the final outcome. We are particularly happy with the personal approach possible with a smaller, family run company.

Dr. Janet Jones, Jasper Veterinary Clinic, Jasper, AB

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