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What is Cryotherapy?

What is Cryotherapy? What is Cryosurgery?

Cryotherapy (also known as Cryosurgery) is the application of extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. This non-invasive technique effectively treats skin conditions without the need for anesthesia or surgery. The process in non traumatic and less painful for your pet as well as more affordable for you. 

Benefits of cryotherapy

  • Minimal pain and discomfort
  • Non-invasive
  • Fast Recovery
  • Affordable
  • Safer than surgery, no complicated pre or post treatment care needed
  • Minimal surface trauma, no scarring

Veterinary Cryotherapy Applications

  • Canine and feline: warts, skin tags, tumors and more
  • Equine: skin tumors and eyelid tumors
  • Birds + Other Animals: Growths on the mouth, eyes and skin, tumors

How effective is cryosurgery?

Small warts and skin tumors may be cured in just one session. Other conditions like tumors may require follow up or multiple treatments. The procedure has a high success rate and is safe for animals of any age or health condition.

Tools needed: CryoProbe

The CryoProbe was designed with an obsession for details and a touch of originality. It brings out the perfectionist in everyone : check out the selection of applicators allowing for treatment from a pinpoint 1mm up to a width of 20mm and more. From now on you’ll only treat the abnormal tissue with no more collateral damage to the healthy skin.

Cryosurgery is recognized as "the standard" in the dermatology clinic. But to any veterinarians who’ve struggled with disposable cans of freezing spray, cryoliquid spills, imprecise cotton buds and laborious deliveries of hazardous liquid nitrogen, the CryoProbe is a different proposition all together.

Click here for more information on Cryotherapy and the CryoProbe.

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