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Canadian Equipment sales, service and support for a thriving veterinary and medical practice.

You opened your clinic to work with patients
- not to be stuck in operations.

✓ Equipment you can rely on

✓ Technology that saves you time & MOney

✓ A partner you can trust


  • Laboratory equipment that breaks down
  • Old machinery that takes forever to give you what you need
  • Reduced revenue because you can’t see as many patients as you’d like, or worse, you refer them to other clinics
  • Doubt and indecision on equipment purchases


Smart Choices

Well provide information and demos to help you make confident equipment purchases so you can serve your existing clients or offer more services.



Improved performance

With the latest technologies or custom solutions that support your business, we can make sure your laboratory equipment is running like clockwork.



Committed advisor

With over 30 years of industry and technical knowledge we can support you in choosing reliable new and refurbished equipment for your existing or new clinic.


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We’re independent business owners just like you with over 30 years serving veterinary & medical clinics throughout Western Canada. You shouldn’t have to worry about your equipment.

Trusted by:

“Intriquip is the most reliable supplier out there, and they have a great range of products.”

Dr. Bonnie Brandt, South Country Veterinary PC Inc., Assiniboia, SK

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1. Call us for a free consultation

We’ll do an initial need assessment to determine your clinic’s equipment requirements.



2. Get a custom solution

Taking into account your specific needs, budget and schedule, we’ll recommend the best solution for your clinic, and show you the equipment and how it works so you feel confident in your purchase.



3. Grow your business

We’ll install and optimize the equipment in your clinic based on our expertise of best practice and the processes and systems in your clinic.


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At Intriquip Instruments we know that you want to serve your patients well and run a profitable veterinary or medical clinic. In order to do that, you need reliable equipment that helps provide a positive patient experience.
The problem is you are either dealing with old, inefficient equipment or you need to add to a new or growing clinic. As you consider this type of investment in your business, it might make your feel anxious about making the wrong decision or wasting money on equipment that might break down, leaving you to deal with the problems on your own.

We believe that you should have an equipment partner you can trust. An advisor who knows you, knows your business, and can customize a new solution, provide refurbished options, or keep your existing equipment operating at full capacity. We know that you didn’t start your clinic to be stuck in operations, you started it to work directly with your patients. Which is why we stand behind our 30 years of industry and technical knowledge to support you.

We are a family-led business that believes in putting our employees, clients, and their patients on the same high pedestal. We know our customers by name and aim to improve your lives by providing service you can’t get anywhere else.

So, what are you waiting for? Call today to book a free consultation so we can find out about your unique needs. Then we’ll schedule a demo or book a service call and get you back to focusing on your patients

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